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SupportGO Device Installation and Activation Guides

Tesla Model S and Model X – Alternate Installation Instructions

If you could not easily remove the storage tray after unclipping it from your vehicle, or you could not find the Diagnostic Connector behind the storage tray once you removed it, follow the instructions below for completing the installation. Before beginning, it may be useful to have a flashlight and a pair of needle nose pliers if you have those on hand.

Part I: Installing the GO Device

  • Remove the passenger-side kick panel to expose the Tesla proprietary Diagnostic Connector. The panel is attached with multiple push-fit snaps much like those that hold the storage tray in place. You will need to apply some force to remove the panel, but rest assured that it is designed to be removed just like the tray.

  • Reach into the space behind the storage tray to find the diagnostic connector if it is not immediately visible (arrow in below image). If you find it difficult to reach the connector, try using a pair of needle nosed pliers or a similar tool to pull the connector out and towards you. Plug the connector into the harness. Press firmly to ensure a secure connection.

  • Refer to ‘Part II: Confirming the GO is Operational’ below, to confirm the device is working as expected before proceeding to secure the device.

Part II: Confirming the GO is Operational

After you install the device, please ensure that the LED lights are indicating the GO device is working:

  • All three LEDs on the GO device will flash briefly. During the 5-minute setup process, the device may also beep repeatedly as it updates to the latest settings.
  • Wait until you see all three LEDs are solid
    • Red – Power / Device Configuration
    • Green – Cellular Network Connectivity
    • Blue – GPS Network Connectivity
  • If all three LEDs turn solid, the unit has connected successfully.

Note: If one or more of the LEDs is still flashing, please refer to the following sections under Frequently Asked Questions -> Troubleshooting:

  • “What do I do if the Red LED on my GO will not go solid?”
  • “What do I do if the Green or Blue LED on my GO will not go solid?”

Part III: Closing the Panel

  • Loosen the panel below the one you just removed to open up a space where you can tuck the GO away. This panel is also attached with push-fit snaps. Once loosened, you will be able to place the GO behind the panel. Push it as far backwards as you comfortably can so that the panels will fit nicely back into place.

  • Push at the lower panel’s snaps to clip them back into place. If it doesn’t close, push the GO further back into the cavity and try again. Then tuck the connected cables into the top right corner of the cavity to get them out of the way.

  • Next, simply replace the passenger-side kick panel by pressing at the push-fit snaps until they click back into place. If you removed it, the storage tray can be replaced in the same way by sliding it all the way back into the cavity that it was removed from and pressing upwards on the snaps. Done!

The installation is now complete.

Note: If you have not done so prior to installing your GO device, please ensure you have activated the device in your SmartCharge account (Refer to “Activating the GO Device” in the FAQ).

Download the SmartCharge Rewards GO device instructions