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SupportC2 Device Installation and Activation Guides

Tesla Model S and Model X (2016 or newer)

If you have ever experienced a buzzing noise in your Tesla vehicle due to a cell phone being in close proximity to the speaker system, skip ahead to the alternate Tesla Model S and Model X (2015 or older) Installation Instructions.

Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector for your vehicle may be blue or black depending on the model year of your Tesla. If the Vehicle Interface Cable you were shipped does not fit the blue or black Tesla Connector, please contact

Step 2: Preparing the C2 Device and Locating the Diagnostics Connector

  • Remove the C2 Device from its box. Retain the box for future reference to the C2 ID number and Activation Code.
  • Connect the Vehicle Interface Cable to the port on the C2 Device.

  • Turn the vehicle ON.
  • Unclip the storage tray from below the center touch screen by pressing down with the palms of both your hands on the inside of the compartment until the clips holding it in place release. You will need to apply some force to unclip the tray, but rest assured that it is designed to be pulled down.

Step 2: Installing the C2 Device

  1. Once tray is removed, reach in and find the Tesla Diagnostic Connector tucked against the back wall.
  2. Pull it out towards you and plug the Vehicle Interface Cable into the open end of the Diagnostic Connector.
  3. Push until they click into place. The connectors will only fit one way.

Step 3: Verify that the LED lights are indicating the C2 device is working:

    • The orange status LED is flashing and then turns solid.
    • The blue network LED either flashes or turns solid.
    • If both LEDs are solid, the installation is complete. Please ensure you have activated the device in your SmartCharge account.
    • If one or more of the LEDs is still flashing refer to the Troubleshooting section under  Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 4: Closing the Panel

  1. Tuck the C2 device and Vehicle Interface Cable back into the area behind the storage compartment.
  2. Place the C2 into the space on the left side of the open compartment (pink arrow & circle), and tuck the cables downwards until you can no longer see them (yellow arrow).
  3. Ensure that the C2 and cables are as tucked away as possible so that the storage tray can fit back into place.
  4. Slide the tray all the way back into the open compartment until it is aligned with the screen. If you cannot slide it all the way back, remove the tray and tuck the cables and C2 further back into the compartment and try again.
  5. Once the tray is realigned, press up on the inside of the tray to reattach the clips.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions