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SupportC2 Device Installation and Activation Guides

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector for your vehicle may be blue or white depending on the model year of your Tesla. If the Vehicle Interface Cable you were shipped does not fit the blue or black Tesla Connector, please contact

You will need a small L-shaped tool (this could be an Allen key, L-shaped screwdriver or a trim removal tool) and a flashlight, if your vehicle is not in a well-lit location (not included).

Step 1: Preparing the C2 Device and Locating the Diagnostics Connector

  • Remove the C2 Device from its box. Retain the box for future reference to the C2 ID number and Activation Code.
  • Connect the Tesla Model 3 vehicle interface cable to the port on the C2 device.
  • Turn the vehicle on and move both front seats all the way forward.
  • Move to the back seat of the vehicle and locate the small plastic panel at the bottom of the center console between the two front seats. This panel is held in place by five push-fit clips. The clips will release when pressure is applied, allowing the panel to be opened. The panel is designed to be removed by hand.

  1. Using an allen key or L-shaped screwdriver, slide the short end of the tool under the panel on the right-hand side.
  2. Turn the tool so that the short end is vertical.
  3. Pull towards you, parallel to the floor.
  4. The bottom-right clip that holds the panel in place should now be loose.

  • Use your hands to pull the panel towards you and loosen the top-right clip
  • Loosen and open the remaining three clips and pull the panel free.

Step 2: Installing the C2 Device

  1. Inside the panel, you will find the Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector.
  2. Press down on the clip holding the white connector in place and slide to the left to release it.
  3. Then plug the two white ends of the vehicle interface cable into the corresponding connectors in the vehicle.
  4. Push until they click into place. The connectors will only fit one way.

Step 3: Confirming the C2 is Operational

  • The orange status LED is flashing and then turns solid.
  • The blue network LED either flashes or turns solid.
  • If both LEDs are solid, the installation is complete. Please ensure you have activated the device in your SmartCharge account.
  • If one or more of the LEDs is still flashing refer to the Troubleshooting section under  Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 4: Closing the Panel

  1. Push the excess cable back into the small cubby at the bottom of the opening so that there is room to close the panel.
  2. The C2 device should be sitting outside the panel.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions