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SupportGO Device Installation and Activation Guides

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Your package should have included an adapter harness, GO Device, SPR-Install Bag, and Trim Removal Tool. You may also want to have a flashlight on hand if your vehicle is not in a well-lit location (not included).

The Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector for your vehicle may be blue or white depending on the model year of your Tesla. If the adapter harness you were shipped does not fit the blue or black Tesla Connector in your vehicle, please contact

Follow the instructions below to install the GO device. The installation process should take you no more than ten minutes to complete. Feel free to refer to the installation video below.


Part I: Installing the GO Device

  • Remove the GO Device from its box. Retain the box for future reference to the GO Serial Number.
  • Connect the adapter harness to the port on the GO device.

  • Tesla Diagnostics Connector is located behind the front seats, behind a cover in the centre console. Move both front seats all of the way forward and move to the back seat.

  • This panel is held in place by five push-fit clips. The clips will release when you apply some force to pull the panel open. Using the trim removal tool provided, slide the end of the tool under the panel on the right-hand side.

  • Pull towards you (parallel to the floor) to loosen the bottom-right clip holding the panel in place.

  • Once loosened, you can use your hands to pull the panel towards you and loosen the top right clip. After the right-hand side has come open, you can loosen and open the remaining three clips. Inside the panel, you will find the Tesla Proprietary Diagnostic Connector.

  • Press down on the clip holding the white or blue connector in place and slide to the left to release it. Plug the two white ends of the adapter harness into the corresponding connectors in the vehicle. Push until they click into place. The connectors will only fit one way.

  • Refer to ‘Part II: Confirming the GO is Operational’ below, to confirm the device is working as expected before proceeding to secure the device.

Part II: Confirming the GO is Operational

After you install the device, please ensure that the LED lights are indicating the GO device is working:

  • All three LEDs on the GO device will flash briefly. During the 5-minute setup process, the device may also beep repeatedly as it updates to the latest settings.
  • Wait until you see all three LEDs are solid
    • Red – Power / Device Configuration
    • Green – Cellular Network Connectivity
    • Blue – GPS Network Connectivity
  • If all three LEDs turn solid, the unit has connected successfully.

Note: If one or more of the LEDs is still flashing, please refer to the following sections under Frequently Asked Questions -> Troubleshooting:

  • “What do I do if the Red LED on my GO will not go solid?”
  • “What do I do if the Green or Blue LED on my GO will not go solid?”

Part III: Securing the GO device

  • Place the device on the floor of the vehicle while you replace all panels, screws, and clips in the reverse order they were removed.

  • Open the SPR – Install Bag and slide the GO device into the plastic GO holder. Secure with a cable tie as shown. Attach the adhesive square provided to the back of the plastic GO holder.
  • Using the adhesive, attach the GO holder to the outside of the panel that you just replaced. Place the device as high up as you can without making the cable completely taut.

The installation is now complete.

Note: If you have not done so prior to installing your GO device, please ensure you have activated the device in your SmartCharge account (Refer to “Activating the GO Device” in the FAQ).

Download the SmartCharge Rewards GO device instructions