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Tesla API

How do I connect my Tesla account to SmartCharge Rewards?

After creating your SmartCharge Rewards account, connect your Tesla account by providing your Tesla account credentials under the ‘Connect your vehicle’ dialogue box. If the page prompts you to enter a ‘Tesla Refresh Token’ please follow these instructions.

How are my Tesla login credentials stored?

The Tesla account username and password is used to obtain an access token.  In order to ensure your information is secure, these credentials are never stored. The access token is encrypted using industry standards in transit and before storage on disk. These tokens can only be decrypted for Tesla API read-only operations by automated processes on SmartCharge Rewards.

How do I stay connected if I have changed my Tesla account credentials?

If you have changed your Tesla account credentials, the connection to your vehicle and the SmartCharge program will no longer exist. To reset this connection, login to your SmartCharge account. You will be prompted to re-enter your Tesla account credentials to reconnect.

I am unable to connect to my Tesla account, what should I do?

Please ensure you have mobile access enabled on the Tesla vehicle you wish to connect to your SmartCharge Rewards account. This can be completed in your vehicle under Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access.

My Tesla account has been locked and I cannot connect to it. What should I do?

If you have logged in with the wrong username or password multiple times while attempting to connect to your Tesla account, your account may have become locked. Please visit and reset your Tesla account password. Once this is reset, please login to your SmartCharge Rewards account and connect to your Tesla account.

For users who connected using a Tesla refresh token