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SmartCharge Rewards™ Portal

What information will I see on my dashboard?

The EV dashboard will provide you with more accessible, comparable, and shareable data than you would typically get from your vehicle’s dashboard or native mobile app.

This data may include:

  • Charging Energy Consumption –Kilowatt hours consumed by time of day
  • Driving Efficiency – Accumulative and per-trip MPGe and watt hours per mile.
  • Outside Temperature and Auxiliary Loads – Measured impact of temperature and AC/heating on your electric range (downloadable in trip logs)
  • Battery Health – A quantifiable score indicating your electric vehicle’s battery degradation with respect to storage and power capacity.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Per-mile greenhouse gas emissions from driving as well as emissions savings compared to a gasoline vehicle
  • Electric Fraction – Percentage of miles driven on electric power from your plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (downloadable in trip logs)
  • Fuel Consumption – Total liquid fuel usage for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle owners (downloadable in trip logs)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC) – Starting and ending SOC % each trip
  • SmartCharge Rewards – Total SmartCharge Rewards earned each month