SmartCharge New York

Where do you charge your vehicle?


Drive Clean, Earn Green with Con Edison.

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Step 1

Apply Today

Confirm your eligibility and complete the online application.

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Step 2

Connect Vehicle

Create a SmartCharge Rewards account and connect your vehicle’s on-board telematics. Some vehicle models require the installation of a free device to connect.

Step 3

Charge & Earn

Start earning rewards when you charge in the Con Edison service area.

Step 4

Track Stats

View earned rewards along with your charging & driving stats in your personal dashboard.

How Does It Work?

  • We collect data from your vehicle on when, where and how much you charge.
  • Your New York City and Westchester charging is used to calculate your SmartCharge Rewards.
  • Track your energy consumption by time of use and monthly earnings in the SmartCharge Rewards Dashboard.
  • Rewards are paid monthly via PayPal. Learn more about alternative payment options in the FAQs.

How Do I Earn Cash For Charging?

Off-peak charging helps reduce stress on the electric grid, making service more reliable for everyone.
Reward amounts in effect through December 31, 2022. Visit for program updates.

Getting Started

Earn $150 the first time you charge in Con Edison’s service area.

Monthly Rewards

Earn $5 per month for continuing to charge in Con Edison’s service area.

Summer Peak Rewards

Earn $20 per month when you avoid charging during Summer peak hours: weekdays 2 pm – 6 pm, June – September.

Off-peak Charging

Earn 10 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) for all your off-peak charging: everyday 12 midnight – 8 am.

See How Much You Can Earn

Receive $150 by installing, activating and charging!
Reward amounts in effect through December 31, 2022. Visit for program updates.

Will You...
Earn $25 bonus
$5 per month
$0.10 per kWh
$25 per household
$20 per month
$25 per friend how many?

*If your electric vehicle make and model is not listed, please proceed with your application to join our waitlist. You will be notified once your vehicle is supported.

Earn $0 in your first year

*Estimate based on your input

Where do you charge your vehicle?

What EV Owners Are Saying

"SmartCharge is rewarding us for not charging during the peak hours…it just adds up. You can keep track of your charging habits. I love it."
Miles and Peter McCartt SmartCharge New York participants
"SmartCharge New York. It has been pretty easy. I particularly like the fact PayPal gets reloaded with benefits that I can use and shop with."
Jenkins Family SmartCharge New York participants
"Discovering SmartCharge was like the light bulb went off. This wonderful program where they give you money back for charging your electric vehicle during off-hours. Pretty soon it’s going to be a thing that everybody is going to do. If they get an electric car, they sign up for the program."
Michael and Suzanne Kelly SmartCharge New York participants
"There are the perks that come within SmartCharge New York… You can become an Ambassador, like I am. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid? …Just everything about it just makes sense. There are plenty of incentives out there for any would-be electric car owner."
Lisa and Servulus Billy SmartCharge New York participants
"In the last 12 months we have saved 5800 lbs of carbon dioxide... an amazing dashboard you can see every month how much you're contributing to the environment. SmartCharge New York pays us to charge our car."
Rahul and Ankita SmartCharge New York participants
"When we charge overnight two things happen; we have a reduced rate, and the SmartCharge program sees what time of day we're charging and will give us a refund... most of our driving has been free because of that."
Jesse and Susan SmartCharge New York participants
"It's super easy to do. You just come home, park the car and plug it in. SmartCharge rewards you for charging between midnight and 8 am."
Harris Family SmartCharge New York participants
"It was really easy to start the program, I just plugged in the device and then started using it. Then within a few weeks I started seeing some data… It gave me the right sort of incentive. It was actually fun!"
Tom Klinkowstein BMW i3 Owner
"To me, SmartCharge New York just makes sense. Adds up to a win-win to me and Con Edison."
Peter Andersen Chevrolet Volt Owner
"I love SmartCharge because it is like a video game. Like a reality video game. It is not virtual reality. It is real virtuality. It is almost like dancing with technology when I drive my car. It inspires you to be energy efficient and socially-conscious."
Nenad Bach Tesla Model S Owner