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SmartCharge Labs

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Registration is easy. After acceptance we'll ship a connected car device to you for installation.

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Installation after receiving your connected car device takes a few minutes and you’re ready to go.

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Track your stats

Start logging your driving and charging after plugging in. View your stats in your personal online portal.

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Get Rewards

You’re ready to go. Start earning rewards and track stats for driving and charging your EV.

Get Enrolled

The first step in your journey with SmartCharge Rewards is to find the program in your area and enroll online for free. Once you have been accepted you will receive a confirmation email and receive further instructions.

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Get Installed

Once you receive your connected car device, just follow the easy-to-understand installation and activation instructions. It’s a simple process and you should be up and running in minutes!

Get Charging

Join fellow EV owners in helping pave the way for an electric future by signing up and participating in SmartCharge Labs today.

Get Rewards

In addition to helping Geotab Energy improve its SmartCharge Rewards programs, participants will be eligible to earn a minimum of $5 per month after installing and activating their devices

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Charging at home is very convenient and I am willing to do it off hours if it saves money and reduces strain on the grid.

Owner of a long-range BEV from New York
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The SmartCharge Rewards program is an excellent way to encourage EV use.

A new EV owner that decided to drive electric to save on costs.
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It’s great to get rebates from the SmartCharge program and also know I’m doing my part to decrease peak loads on the system.

EV owner who has been driving an electric vehicle for 2-3 years

Participants will install a small device in their vehicle that automatically collects and transmits vehicle information via a cellular connection. If participants own a Tesla vehicle, they may also opt to connect their Tesla account, instead of installing a device.

Data collected are shared with participants in a personalized portal and will be used by SmartCharge Rewards and Geotab Energy to improve the features and functionality of the SmartCharge Rewards platform.

Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible to join SmartCharge Labs:

  • Own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle – either a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle.
  • Have a Geotab GO9 or C2 device from participating in a previous program (e.g. Charge the North), or from being part of Geotab’s GO9 installation testing project completed last year. Or, have a Tesla vehicle and are willing to connect your Tesla account to SmartCharge Rewards.
  • Have received an email inviting you to sign up for the SmartCharge Labs program.
  • Are willing to be contacted on a periodic basis via email, text, phone, and survey in order to collect valuable feedback (we expect the majority of the communication to be done via email).

You’ll earn a minimum of 5,000 points (equivalent to $5 in rewards, with 1,000 points = $1) every month for keeping your device installed or your Tesla account connected, and charging your vehicle.

Currently, we are only accepting one vehicle per SmartCharge Labs participant.

  • Charging session duration, energy consumption and location.
  • GPS charging location coordinates will be used to determine where charging is occurring. We only collect GPS information when you are charging, not when you are driving.
  • Trip duration, energy consumption and distance traveled.
  • Personal information such as name, email, vehicle type and home address.

If you sell your EV or simply wish to no longer participate in the program, please notify to end your participation in the program.

The Geotab GO9 and C2 devices are connected car (telematics) devices. They are installed into the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port in your electric vehicle and read data from the vehicle’s CANbus, which is then reported to Geotab Energy’s data centre.

The device gathers data directly from your vehicle’s internal systems, processes it, and makes it available to you via a web portal. With it, electric vehicle drivers gain access to information about their car, like driving efficiency, battery health, miles per gallon equivalent, and more.

he device is very easy to install, simply plugging into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port or Tesla diagnostics connector. The OBD-II port is typically located below the steering wheel and is the same port mechanics plug into for diagnostic checks.

Instructions can be found at, as well as mailed with your C2.

If you still have questions, please contact or call 1-800-975-2434. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm EST (5am- 2pm PST).

No problem! Send us an email at and we can send you a free y-cable so that you can have both devices connected.

The device should remain plugged in for the duration of the study. However, it is fine if your auto shop temporarily removes the device for diagnostic testing. Just be sure it is plugged back in afterward.

Qualified participants will be able to redeem rewards for cash deposits into a PayPal account on a monthly basis. Setup your PayPal account here.
If you do not want to use PayPal, you can opt to receive an Amazon card for the full amount of rewards earned at the end of the year. Contact for assistance with switching to Amazon.

The Tesla account username and password is used to obtain an access token. In order to ensure your information is secure, these credentials are never stored. The access token is encrypted using industry standards in transit and before storage on disk. These tokens can only be decrypted for Tesla API read-only operations by automated processes inside our network.

Please ensure you have mobile access enabled on the Tesla vehicle you wish to connect to your SmartCharge Rewards account. This can be completed in your vehicle under Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access.

If you have logged in with the wrong username or password multiple times while attempting to connect to your Tesla account, your account may have become locked.  Please visit and reset your Tesla account password.  Once this is reset, please login to your SmartCharge Rewards account and connect to your Tesla account.

If you have changed your Tesla account credentials, the connection to your vehicle and the SmartCharge program will no longer exist. To reset this connection, login to your SmartCharge account. You will be prompted to re-enter your Tesla account credentials to reconnect.

For participants who connect their Tesla vehicle, Geotab Energy will be testing some managed charging (charging curtailment) features. During these charging curtailment / demand response events, charging will be paused for all vehicles which have not opted out of the event. Participants will be notified of demand response events throughout the study via email ahead of time.

Geotab Energy will email you at least 24hrs before the event, with the date and time of the event.

To opt out of curtailment during a demand response event, simply activate charging on your Tesla mobile app after the event has begun. Alternatively, you can unplug and then plug your vehicle back in after the start of the event.