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People buy EVs for a bunch of different reasons, but they broadly fit into four different categories. So, what type of EV driver are you?

The EV Advocate

The EV Advocate absolutely loves their EV and actively promotes owning an electric vehicle to all their friends, family and anyone who will listen!

If you’re an EV Advocate, you were probably one of the first people you knew to buy an EV and you would never in a million years go back to driving a gas-powered vehicle. In fact, you might have been driving electric for so long that by now you’re on your second EV. You’re passionate about finding solutions to our most serious environmental issues. From climate warming to air pollution, you see EVs as being a critical weapon in our arsenal to combat these problems. You know pretty much everything there is to know about EVs. You understand how their lifetime carbon footprint compares to an equivalent ICE vehicle, how to get the best mileage range out of a single charge and where to go for the cheapest charge. But you’re not satisfied yet so you spend a lot of time reading up-to-date articles to expand your knowledge. You want to make sure you have all the information you need for the next time you need to talk to someone about EVs.

The Eco-Early Adopter

The Eco-Early Adopter may not be quite as enthusiastic as the Advocate and might not bring up the importance of driving electric vehicles in every conversation they have. However, they are incredibly proud of their EV and will never go back to driving an ICE vehicle. If you’re an Eco-Early Adopter, you’re environmentally driven and you bought an electric vehicle primarily because you wanted to reduce your own carbon footprint. You care about issues like air pollution and you like to know that you’re doing your bit to improve local air quality now that you have a car with no tailpipe! You might be a first time EV owner but you’ve probably been driving electric for a couple of years now.

The Tech-Early Adopter

Unlike the Advocate and the Eco-Early Adopter, the environment probably isn’t the first thing that made the Tech-Early Adopter buy an EV. If you’re a Tech-Early Adopter, it’s more likely that you bought an EV so that you could get your hands on the newest technology and wanted a high performance vehicle You know that EVs are better for the planet and that’s a great thing, but it was more of an additional benefit than a decision maker for you. You’re probably one of the first people you know to have an EV and you love nothing more than taking your buddies for a spin in yours so that you can show them how incredibly they handle.

The Mainstream Driver

The Mainstream Driver isn’t quite so excited about promoting electric vehicles or living the EV lifestyle as the other types of EV driver. You think your EV is great and you probably won’t ever go back to an ICE vehicle. If you’re a Mainstream Driver, the conveniences of having an EV, along with the lower fuel and maintenance costs, made switching to an EV the right choice for you. You’ve heard people talk about the fact that EVs are better for the environment and while that’s a good thing it is not top of mind for you.. To you, a car’s just a car. But if you’re going to drive one, it might as well be an EV!

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