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When you ask EV drivers with more than one vehicle why they still have one that’s gas-powered, a common answer is that they keep it for when they go on road trips or need to drive further than usual.

 Does this really need to be the case though? Let’s look at how you can take your EV on vacation and leave your ICE vehicle at home.

Real world EV ranges are now pretty massive

New models of EVs now have huge mileage ranges and most long-range BEVs will drive for over 300 miles off a full battery. That’s about 5 hours driving at an average speed of 60 mph. By that time, most people are itching to get out and stretch their legs. What’s good for you also works great for your EV!

A little planning goes a long way

Public charging infrastructure has increased significantly in the last few years, with a particular boost in the number of DC fast-charging stations available.

Some EVs have smart GPS features that show you where to charge after you’ve keyed in your destination. There are also lots of trip planning and charging station locating apps to help. 

However, it pays to do some research first. For example, you’ll want to check that the charging location you’re heading to has the right connections for your make and model of EV, and that it has fast-charging ports – unless you feel like taking a couple of hours to rest.

If fast-charging is not an option where you’re headed, look for what you could do around the charging station to stay amused while you wait. Take the opportunity to try something different so find a good restaurant or browse some interesting shops.

Charge your EV while you sleep

If you’re planning to stay at a hotel along the way, lots of hotel chains now provide electric charging ports for their EV owning guests. When you’re selecting your overnight stop, look for this feature and you’ll be all set to carry on your way the next day.

You can even charge if you’re camping

If you take your level 1 charger with you, then you’re even able to charge your EV when you go camping. All you need to do is check that the campsite provides a regular power outlet on your plot and you’re good to go. 

Following tips to maximize your range always helps

As with everything range related, it helps to drive in the most fuel efficient way. This means all the usual stuff like having properly inflated tires, using your regenerative braking or eco driving features and pre-cooling or heating your car before you get in. 

With just a little extra planning, your EV is ready to take you on your next road trip. Maybe when your old ICE vehicle comes to the end of its life, you won’t need to replace it with another one after all!

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