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Most people’s top reasons for owning an EV are the environmental benefits and saving money on fuel. But let’s not forget, they’re also advanced, high performance vehicles in their own right!

When you put the pedal to the metal, they really go!

EVs are faster out the blocks than most conventional vehicles, because they’re much more efficient. To put it simply, the more efficient a car is, the better it performs. 

In an internal combustion engine, small amounts of fuel are mixed with air, which explode to drive a series of pistons. These pistons drive a crankshaft, which connects to a gearbox, and then to the driveshaft which eventually drives the wheels. At each point in the process, energy is lost to friction.

Electric vehicles are much simpler. The power from the electric motor goes straight to the wheels and the car can accelerate from zero to their top speed without shifting a single gear. This means that all of the torque, or driving power, they produce is available from a standstill. We call that “instant torque”.

At the lights, it means that by the time the wheels are turning on a conventional sports car, the driver might be eating dust from the humble EV it was sitting next to.

All of this while obeying local laws and posted speed limits of course. 

They’re super responsive to handle

Thanks to their great acceleration, EVs are really fun to drive and highly responsive when you’re on the road. Since they run so quietly and have incredibly efficient aerodynamics, driving them is a breeze. Finally, because the batteries are located low in the vehicle chassis, they benefit from a low center of gravity which improves the car’s handling. 

They’re packed with the latest tech

Most EVs are brimming with on-board tech for you to play with. They are fitted out towards the top of a manufacturer’s trim levels as standard.

You can pretty much expect to find neat options like charger timing, preheating and cooling, remote access, heated seats, a heated steering wheel and regenerative braking on most models. 

You’ll probably be able to check your EV’s charging status on your smartphone and pre cool or heat the vehicle while it’s plugged in. A lot of this helpful tech makes your EV more comfortable to drive, but it can also help improve its range by making it more efficient.

If you’re a Tesla owner, then the tech gets fancier still. Tesla has an optional autopilot feature that includes adaptive cruise control and autosteer to make for an effortless commute. They’ve also added features like traffic light and stop sign recognition, laying the path to a self-driving future. A super fancy “sentry mode” uses all of the cameras installed for the autopilot feature to act as an advanced burglar prevention system. This means that anyone thinking of attempting to break into a Tesla will get caught on camera from multiple angles – smile! Last but not least, the coolest innovation of all – Dog Mode. This feature keeps the car climate controlled while your dog is inside. It displays a message on the large screen that let’s people know it’s activated and that the dog is safe and comfortable. Brings a new meaning to creature comfort. 

Have fun while still staying safe

To top it all off, EVs are held to a higher safety standard than conventional vehicles. They have to go through all the safety tests and requirements of ICE vehicles, but there are also a load of EV specific standards they need to meet as well.

Rollover accidents are the most fatal of all vehicle collisions and rollovers are much less common in EVs. This is because the battery packs are stored in the bottom of the vehicle, giving them a much lower center of gravity. 

Without an engine taking up space, EVs have more room for a larger crumple zone than fuel vehicles. This zone can absorb more energy in a collision and gives greater protection to the driver and others in the car. 

Plus, without the combustion engine and fuel used in an ICE vehicle, the chance of vehicle fire after a road collision is much lower.

So there you go. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, when you drive an EV you’re also getting a world class driving experience in technology that is truly ahead of the curve.

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