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1. Sign up

It only takes a minute! Upon sign-up, we'll ship your personal telematics device.

2. Connect

Simply plug the device into your EV.

3. Charge

Continue driving and charging your EV as you normally would.

4. Stay Connected

Stay plugged in and track your daily stats with your personal online portal.

Learn about your EV by participating

Setup is quick and easy. Your free C2 device plugs right into your EV’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port or Tesla diagnostic connector to unlock powerful information about your EV usage.

Download your stats
Keep records and share your vehicle’s stats with friends and family.
Auxiliary load
Find out how much energy you’re using on other systems such as heating, radio, and USB charging.
Trip data
View your electric miles driven, carbon footprint, and battery state of charge by trip.
Battery health
Understand your battery’s degradation of storage and power capacity over time.
Ambient temperature
Gauge outside temperature during a trip or charge event.
Charging by level
See the break down of charging from different charger levels.

Additional Perks for Property Managers

If you are a property manager or owner of a residential multi-unit building that has a common area, you may be eligible for a subsidized Smart Charging Station, plus up to 50% off installation costs. Space is limited, so email to check if you are likely to qualify.

How to charge smarter and look after your EV battery

Together we can pave the way for an electric future!

Influence the spread of more charging stations.

Prepare our grid for more EVs.

Promote EV adoption, reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

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Charging at home is very convenient and I am willing to do it off hours if it saves money and reduces strain on the grid.

Owner of a long-range BEV from New York
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The SmartCharge Rewards program is an excellent way to encourage EV use.

A new EV owner that decided to drive electric to save on costs.
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It’s great to get rebates from the SmartCharge program and also know I’m doing my part to decrease peak loads on the system.

EV owner who has been driving an electric vehicle for 2-3 years
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It’s great to get rebates from the SmartCharge program and also know I’m doing my part to decrease peak loads on the system.

EV owner who has been driving an electric vehicle for 2-3 years

SmartCharge Rewards is a connected car EV platform that allows organizations and individuals to gather useful data insights from electric vehicles while also rewarding EV drivers for participation in utility EV programs using SmartCharge Rewards.

Participants will install a small device (the C2 device) in their vehicle that automatically collects and transmits vehicle information via a cellular connection. Data collected are shared with participants in a personalized portal and will be used by SmartCharge Rewards and Alectra to understand EV charging impacts on the grid.

  • Audi A3 Electric (2016 – 2018)
  • BMW i3 (2014 – 2021)
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV (2017 – 2021)
  • Chevrolet Spark EV (2013 – 2015)
  • Fiat 500e (2013 – 2015)
  • Honda Fit EV (2013 – 2014)
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric (2017 -2021)
  • Hyundai Kona (2019 – 2021)
  • Jaguar I-PACE (2019 – 2021)
  • Kia Niro BEV (2019 – 2021)
  • Kia Soul EV (2014 – 2021)
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV (2012 – 2016)
  • Nissan Leaf (2011 – 2021)
  • Smart Electric Drive (2013 – 2019)
  • Tesla Model 3 (2018 – 2021)
  • Tesla Model S (2013 – 2021)
  • Tesla Model X (2016 – 2021)
  • Tesla Model Y (2020 – 2021)
  • Volkswagen e-golf (2015 – 2021)

You are eligible if you own or lease a fully battery electric vehicle (BEV), and you are an Alectra customer that typically charges your vehicle within Alectra’s service territory.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) may be considered in the future, but BEVs are the primary focus of this program.

Get Started 

  • You’ll earn $50 in rewards when you install, activate your device(s) and complete the first charge session in the Alectra service territory.

Keep Going  

  • By keeping the device installed and charging in the Alectra service territory, you will earn an additional $5 for every month after your initial start date. 1 kWh is considered the minimum for a “charge” event.

Yes! Simply indicate the number of vehicles you wish to register for the program in your application.

The C2 is a connected car device that was developed to give electric vehicle drivers access to a wealth of information about their cars like driving efficiency, battery health, and more. It makes EV data access easy, comparable, and shareable.

The C2 gathers data directly from your vehicle’s internal systems, processes it, and makes it available to you via a mobile-friendly dashboard called SmartCharge Rewards.

The device is very easy to install, simply plugging into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port or Tesla diagnostics connector. The OBD-II port is typically located below the steering wheel and is the same port mechanics plug into for diagnostic checks.

How do I install my FleetCarma C2 connected car device?

If you still have questions, please contact Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm EST.

No problem! Send us an email at and we can send you a free y-cable so that you can have both devices connected.

The device should remain plugged in for the duration of the study. However, it is fine if your auto shop temporarily removes the device for diagnostic testing. Just be sure it is plugged back in afterward.

Prospective participants can apply starting in June 2020, with the data collection period lasting until December 2022.

Qualified participants will be able to redeem rewards for cash deposits into a PayPal account on a monthly basis. Setup your PayPal account here.

If you do not want to use PayPal, you will receive an Amazon card for the full amount of rewards earned at the end of the year.

Via the C2 device, SmartCharge Rewards will collect information about:

  • Charging session duration, energy consumption and location.
  • GPS charging location coordinates will be used to determine how much charging is occurring within the Snohomish PUD service territory. We only collect GPS information when you are charging, not when you are driving.
  • Trip duration, energy consumption and distance traveled.
  • Personal information such as name, email, vehicle type and home address.

If you move out of territory, sell your EV or simply wish to no longer participate in the program, please notify SmartCharge Rewards Support by email ( to end your participation in the program and for instructions on how to return your C2 device if you have not yet activated it.

The AlectraDrive @Home pilot would not be possible without the
collaborative efforts of Geotab Energy, Flo, Enbala, RBI, and Plug’n Drive.
This project was made possible through the financial support of Natural Resources Canada and the Independent Electricity System Operator.